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Mummieplants® are real plants with which the moisture in the stalks has been replaced by a different eco-friendly and biodegradable preparation fluid.

The principle is simple: a plant sucks up water that will evaporate at the upper sides of the leaves; by replacing the water in the plant by a mixture of water and glycerine, a mummieplant® is formed that does not need light and water anymore. The leaves keep their inherent flexibility and natural posture, smell and colour.

The thus treated parts of the plant are fixed on dried, real stems, so that its appearance does not differ at all from that of a living plant. These plants are hardly in need of any maintenance. Occasional dusting is sufficient to keep them shining, in an impeccable condition, with fresh colours, for a very long time. With mummieplants® you rightly introduce Nature into your home, office or restaurant without costs of time and maintenance. Complete, of course, including the necessary containers and accessories.

Directions for use of mummieplants®

The mummieplant® does not need any maintenance, occasional dusting being sufficient. As for its standing place, however, the relative humidity of the environment must be below 70% and the temperature not under 10°C otherwise, the leaves of the plant may lose some preparation liquid. These plants may not be used in humid rooms, especially in direct contact with moisture.

So, put the plants in a safe place. Since modern locations are often equipped with an airconditioning or climate control system, they make the perfect environment for

the mummy plant

Fire protection

In connection with the present requirements as to

fire-prevention and -protection in public buildings it is mandatory to use embellishments that meet the pertinent regulations. For that reason we also offer fire retarding planting next to our regular products. The addition of fire- retardants forms an integral part of the production

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