our cliënts, ideas

and intentions

Our aim is to contribute to the atmosphere
of hotels, restaurants, clubs and offices
on the island of Ibiza.

We also work with estate agents, building caretakers and event organisers, and we take care of the entire look of a number of homes and at parties. Contract our services for your private party or wedding. There isn’t anything we won’t discuss.

bridal pieces

bouquets & arrangements

Our bridal pieces are distinctive because we make them to your specifications and personal style to complement your wedding gown and suit. We also provide the corsages, tablepieces, wedding car decoration and the floral decoration for the wedding venue.

Many different kinds of bouquets and arrangements for in your home, all created with Dutch flowers are easy to order. These creations will be delivered at any agreed time and place.

Anything is possible: from painted blue flowers to small tablepieces

Marbin Flowers is a Dutch floral stylist that imports flowers from the Netherlands to Ibiza. On Ibiza, the floral
creations are made and sold to hotels, restaurants, clubs, events, private parties, companies, estate agents, weddings and so on.

Go to the contact page for more information, and find out what we can offer you, free of obligation.