what is a floral subscription?

We offer you a floral subscription so you can always enjoy fresh flowers at your workplace or in your home. We deliver floral creations at any time and location following an agreed schedule. The creations are different every time, and accommodate your budgetary and aesthetic preferences.


You might also opt for a silk flower subscription.

Silk flowers are easy to keep as they don’t need much taking care of.

floral creations

what can you expect?

• A matching vase or pot on loan,
in which the flowers are arranged.


• Fresh flowers delivered every week,
or silk flowers changed once a month. The exchanges
will take place on a specified day.


• A varying design in terms of colour and style
in a range of pots and vases, suited to your personal style and space. These arrangements may vary from small tablepieces to large, striking bouquets.

Marbin Flowers is a Dutch floral stylist that imports flowers from the Netherlands to Ibiza. On Ibiza, the floral
creations are made and sold to hotels, restaurants, clubs, events, private parties, companies, estate agents, weddings and so on.

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